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10 Ways to Make Your Business Holiday Friendly

With everything going on in the world, and 2020 being the most outrageous year, it’s hard to believe that we’ve already reached the Holiday season. Did all the Christmas ads shake you up a bit? Did you have to do a double-take of your calendar to realize that we’re already in November? We can totally […]

Are QR Codes on Business Cards Out of Style?

Do you remember the QR code craze? Its seems that not too long ago QR codes on business cards, signs, and marketing pieces were all the rage, yet the trend has all but disappeared just as fast. So the question is, is a QR code right for your business card, or will it make you seem […]

How to Choose the Best Business Card Stock

The print world is changing! There are so many exciting card stocks and options for business cards, post cards and sales materials. This a great article from Silk Cards, one of the leaders in upgraded card stocks, on how to select a card stock that wows for your business.   Business cards are highly visual, […]